The Republican businessman running against longtime New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez said the Democrat is "corrupt" and has left New Jersey "underserved."

Bob Hugin, a former Marine from Union City, also said that President Trump's examination of the purposefulness of ex-officials holding onto their security clearances is a wise move.

Hugin said that ex-officials who could be of service to the government in the future should keep their security clearances, but when people like former CIA Director John Brennan "go on a partisan talk show" it can cloud the reason they they still have access.

Dana Perino told Hugin about a Wall Street Journal editorial that if the liberal media were serious about rooting out corruption in Washington, D.C., they'd be supporting Hugin.

Hugin said he wants to work in a bipartisan way for "what is best for New Jersey" and said he already is trying to work constructively with the state's top lawmaker, Democratic Senate President Steve Sweeney, as well as Republicans.

"People in New Jersey have been underserved" by Washington, Hugin said, adding that Menendez (D-Union City) is not just corrupt but "ineffective."

The Justice Department said in January that Menendez would not be re-tried on charges of bribery and corruption after the judge in the case declared a mistrial. 

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