Michelle Malkin just dropped her daughter off for her first semester of college, and the CRTV host has some advice for students who are having their first experiences on college campuses.

"For the most part, these are far-left, radical havens," Malkin said on "Fox & Friends" Friday.

Malkin shared five simple tips for her daughter and others who are in a similar situation: avoid angry protesters, verify information before accepting it, pick your battles carefully, be stimulated and work to achieve balance in life.

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She explained that these tips will help keep students safe and encourage them to engage in independent thought, which she lamented is in rare supply on college campuses.

"I want my daughter to expose herself to diversity of thought," Malkin said. "You can be intimidated into becoming a sheep. And that's the absolutely wrong reason to go to college, to go and reinforce the ideas that you already believe in."

She said she wants her daughter to challenge herself and grow intellectually, while also taking full advantage of the college experience.

"I [do] not want my kids to have the sense that politics was the only thing that was important in life," Malkin said, adding that's why there are so many "brainless automatons" and "unhinged leftists" on college campuses.

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