Writer and radio host David Webb said President Trump is correct to revoke security clearances from former federal agency heads, such as former CIA Director John Brennan. 

Webb said that it is customary for top officials to keep their clearances in the case that they can be of further service to the nation, or be called back to help a future president with a security endeavor.

He noted that after the 9/11 attacks, Bush officials recalled former Clinton administration officials, including ex-CIA Director James Woolsey, to help in counter-terrorism and intelligence projects aimed at protecting the nation.

"It's about trust at its core. You're trusted with that information," Webb said of officials keeping their clearances.

He said that Brennan has somewhat transformed into a cable news pundit and has been extremely critical of the administration, unlike Woolsey and other former intelligence officials. 

Webb argued that Brennan does not require a security clearance to go on television and wage a "partisan battle" against Trump and he is still empowered to say what he pleases.

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Brennan accused Trump of committing treason, which Tucker Carlson previously noted on Fox News is a capital offense.

Webb said Brennan and others have gone into "partisan battle" instead of retired civilian life.

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