Tucker Carlson blasted Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal and others on the left and in the media for claiming ex-CIA Director John Brennan had his rights violated when President Trump revoked his security clearance.

"This is not only an abuse of power, it is illegal," Blumenthal, a Democrat, said, invoking the nation's founding as one based on undue "retaliation" from King George III for practicing God-given rights.

Carlson called Blumenthal a "fake war hero" because he said the senator lied about service in Vietnam.

Carlson characterized Blumenthal's outrage by saying that "Brennan has a constitutional right to a federal security clearance though he does not work for the federal government. You (the viewer) do not. I do not."

He said that Blumenthal and others like Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein apparently believe Brennan belongs to a "special class of elites that you are obligated to obey."

Later Thursday, Trump tweeted that Blumenthal is a "loser" and questioned whether the senator had a right to "pass judgment on anyone."

Earlier this week, as Carlson noted, Virginia Sen. Mark Warner (D) said Trump used "Nixonian-type practices" to retaliate against Brennan for bad press.

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Bernstein called the revocation a "dictatorial exercise of power that should frighten" people.

Carlson rejected Bernstein's claim, saying that if Trump is a dictator, he is the "most incompetent dictator in history" because he lets "morons go on cable television and accuse him of crimes."

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