Why on Earth would five defendants who prosecutors believe were training children to conduct school shootings in a remote New Mexico terror compound get bail set at just $20,000? Good question.

Let’s ask New Mexico Judge Sarah Backus.

It’s time for Final Thoughts. 

Prosecutors asked that five defendants be held pending trial on child abuse charges. But that request was too harsh for Judge Backus, a Democrat. Though she was concerned by "troubling facts," she claimed prosecutors failed to articulate any specific threats to the community.

Wait, what? 

The three-year-old who sparked the search and discovery of this extremist compound died during ritualistic ceremonies intended to “cast out demonic spirits,” according to prosecutors. That doesn’t sound like a “specific threat to the community,” judge? 

Prosecutors also believe some of the 11 other children discovered at this camp were reportedly trained to use firearms and taught tactical techniques to kill teachers, law enforcement officers and others. That doesn’t sound like a “specific threat to the community” either, judge?

Are you asleep at the wheel? 

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It gets worse. The leader of this terror camp and his siblings are the children of New York Imam Siraj Wahhaj - a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. AND … to add insult to injury, according to federal officials, one of the defendants charged is Jany Leveille, a Haitian woman who has been living in the U.S. ILLEGALLY for 20 years!

But there’s at least one silver lining here: Leveille’s immigration status allows ICE authorities to keep her in custody - at least for a while. And the group’s leader, Siraj Wahhaj, will also continue to be held, based on an out-of-state warrant from Georgia.

Still, there is something wrong when former Trump aide Paul Manafort sits in jail throughout his trial on bank fraud conspiracy and other charges, while Muslim-extremist, terror-training, child-abusing whack jobs are slapped with ankle bracelets and $20,000 bail!

If these monsters were Christians running a Christian-extremist compound, you can be sure the story would be front-page news, and it would somehow be President Trump and the GOP’s fault. 

Before liberals and Islamic groups start shouting racism, intolerance or bigotry - stop right there. This has nothing to do with Islamaphobia, and everything to do with the facts. This should anger and outrage every decent human being. 

Where is the justice? 

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God Bless and take care.

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