Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said he's "far more concerned" with the FBI's actions linked to the "Steele dossier" on President Trump -- and less worried about the fraud trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort as the jury deliberates.

Gaetz told Sandra Smith that as a legislator, he has unanswered questions about FBI official Bruce Ohr and his wife, Nellie Ohr, who worked at research firm Fusion GPS -- which produced the anti-Trump dossier

"The campaign is not implicated, President Trump is not implicated" in Manafort's case, Gaetz said.

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"Bruce and Nellie Ohr were like the Bonnie & Clyde of collusion," he said, noting that Nellie is "the spouse of a government official who was in collusion with a foreign spy (Christopher Steele)" through her work with Fusion GPS.

"[The Ohrs] seem far more relevant to foreign interference in the election than whether Paul Manafort paid his taxes in the '80s and '90s," Gaetz said.

Gaetz said the allegations against Manafort "far predate Donald Trump even contemplating running for president."

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