President Trump welcomed dozens of rain-soaked motorcycle riders into his New Jersey golf club Saturday as part of the "Bikers for Trump" rally.

The bikers headed to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster for a rally to support the president. When the weather took a turn for the worse, the president invited them inside and posed for photos and signed autographs. 

Vietnam War veteran Tom McTamney attended the event and said on "Fox & Friends" that the nearly 300 attendees arrived after three hours of security checks. 

"Finally, [Trump] just said 'Bring everybody in to the Crystal Ballroom. ... It was unique being in the Crystal Ballroom," he said.

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Frank Brzychcy, who also attended the event, said it was something he couldn't miss.

"The chance of a lifetime," he said.

"Bikers for Trump" is a grassroots organization whose members are staunch supporters of the president and attended many of his rallies before he was elected.

"We need a big change in life," Brzychcy said on Monday. "He's making all the changes now."

As the rain tapered off, Trump and the bikers headed outside to take part in a recital of the pledge of allegiance as well.

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