The Outnumbered panel on Monday reacted to the firing of FBI agent Peter Strzok, just under a month after he testified before Congress about anti-Trump text messages he sent.

Strzok was an integral part of the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the start of what would later become Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe.

His hearing in July focused on the slew of Trump-bashing texts he sent to Lisa Page, his former co-worker and lover, using his FBI phone.

Strzok was still employed by the bureau, in the human resources branch, until his termination last Friday.

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"Next Revolution" host Steve Hilton said on Monday that it was "about time" Strzok was out of the FBI.

"It wasn't just Peter Strzok. He's not the only one. This is not some rogue agent. There's something deeper that's going on," Hilton said on "Outnumbered." 

Strzok was escorted from his office in June after the release of Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report that laid out his biased messages.

He has steadfastly maintained that he exhibited no bias in his capacities as a top FBI investigator.

President Trump also reacted to the firing on Monday, tweeting that the "list of bad players" within the FBI and DOJ continues to grow.

Trish Regan added that Strzok's apparent bias against the president was "disgusting" and questioned the timing of his firing.

"Why didn't this happen way earlier?" she asked. "Why did it take this long? I mean, think of the destruction that we have had in terms of our beliefs in the fairness of our system."

Watch more of the Outnumbered panel's reaction to Strzok's firing above.

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