Fox News' Griff Jenkins sat down with U.S. Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost for her first exclusive interview since being named the first female chief in the agency's 94-year history.

Provost -- who had been acting chief since April 2017 -- joined the Border Patrol in 1995 as a bike patrol agent in Douglas, Arizona. She worked in top management positions in El Paso, Texas, and El Centro, California, before transferring to Border Patrol headquarters in 2015, where she focused on efforts to clamp down on corruption, misconduct and mismanagement.

"I do realize it is a milestone," Provost said of her appointment. "We have so many talented men and women in the Border Patrol. ... I may be the first, but I guarantee you I won’t be the last female chief of the Border Patrol."

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She said she wants to be the voice of the nearly 20,000 Border Patrol agents and make sure the public understands the great work they do and sacrifices they make to keep Americans safe.

"Ultimately, border security is national security," she said.

Jenkins asked her about the criticism that the agency has taken in recent months, particularly over the migrant family separation crisis.

"We don’t leave our humanity behind when we report for duty. The majority of my men and women are parents; I’m a parent myself. Law enforcement's a difficult job," Provost said. "In my 26 years in law enforcement, both as a local police officer and as a Border Patrol agent, I have had to separate parents from their children. It’s not an easy task, but when you violate the law -- and it is a violation of law to cross the border illegally between the ports of entry -- then there needs to be a consequence."

As for what she would like from President Trump and Congress, Provost said, "I need more men and women, I need more technology, I need more wall."

"Our core values are vigilance, service to country and integrity, and I want to ensure that we continue down that path."

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