Former DOJ official and host of "Life, Liberty and Levin" Mark Levin said special counsel Robert Mueller is a "greater threat to this Republic and Constitution than anything Vladimir Putin did during the [2016] campaign."

Levin, who worked as a deputy to Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese, said Mueller is "threatening to take down a president" who was not the witness to any crime.

"He's not a target," Levin said, noting statement by the current DOJ over the past several months, and calling Mueller a larger threat than Putin's alleged actions during the election.

"According to [Justice Department policy], a president cannot be indicted," Levin said, wondering aloud what Mueller could possibly want to interrogate him about in that case.

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He called Mueller a "plaything" of Democrats and the media.

"Where is [Mueller's] constitutional power under the Appointments Clause?" Levin asked, noting the part of Article II that directs that the president has the power to appoint officers.

"Leave the room and don't let the door hit you on the ass -- we'll see you in court," the Cheltenham, Pa. native said of Mueller.

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