Retired Army Gen. Jack Keane reacted to the outcry from Iran, Turkey and Russia over U.S. sanctions imposed on the three nations this week by President Donald Trump.

Keane said that since the attempted 2016 coup, Turkey's leader, Recep Erdogan, has become more authoritarian and put a key demand on the United States.

Erdogan believes an exiled Islamic cleric, Fethullah Gulen, was at the root of the failed coup on what Keane called increasingly authoritarian regime.

The Trump administration has thus far refused to extradite Gulen, who resides in a compound near the Pocono Mountain villages of Saylorsburg and Kunkletown, Pa.

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Keane also said Iran was recently sanctioned by the White House and is effectively "under [the] boot" of the United States.

Martha MacCallum asked about the possibility that an angered Iran blocks the Strait of Hormuz, where a large amount of the world's oil moves through.

"If they block the Strait of Hormuz, we will take out literally all their military [in the channel]," he said, adding that such a move would be an "act of war" by Iran.

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