Former Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a Fox News contributor, ripped Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney for celebrating the city's sanctuary policy -- a policy that has been linked to a child rape case involving an illegal immigrant.

After release, Vasquez was rearrested on charges he sexually assaulted a child and subsequently convicted. Most recently, he was arrested on charges he re-entered the United States illegally, which brought the spotlight back on his case. He has pleaded guilty to illegal re-entry.

Earlier this summer, Kenney was videotaped dancing in celebration of a federal court ruling that allowed Philadelphia to retain its sanctuary status.

"This is disgusting," Chaffetz said of the situation. "The mayor's dancing around. This is where the Democrats are on all this. ... They dance more for people here illegally" than not.

FOX-29 reporter Jeff Cole confronted Kenney this week on the matter, and the mayor responded that if ICE had gotten a warrant for Vasquez, the incident never would have happened.

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Kenney said the incident is a "tragedy," but told Cole that if he held Vasquez for the detainer, it would have been in defiance of another judge. 

Additionally, on Thursday, the city's newly elected district attorney, Lawrence Krasner, said he would continue to "protect immigrants accused of non-violent crimes from being deported or facing other immigration-related consequences."

Krasner said the move is meant to make sure legal and illegal immigrants are "treated fairly" by the justice system, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

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