Former NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly gave mixed reviews to President Donald Trump's plan for a Space Force to militarize space.

Kelly, a West Orange, N.J. native who holds the record for total number of days in space, said the plan is a "good idea" in that America should not "fall behind" other countries in military capabilities.

However, Kelly warned against starting up a whole new government "bureaucracy," especially noting the costs associated with adding another branch to the military.

"We currently have a great capability within the U.S. military and U.S. Air Force," Kelly said.

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Kelly, whose twin brother Mark is also a retired astronaut, said that he found it "troublesome" that there is a "political" tone to how Trump approaches the "Space Force" idea.

He said he has seen Trump-related entities selling "Space Force swag" and said the intent may indeed be partially political.

Kelly reiterated that such a "Space Force" could operate within the confines of the military bureaucracy that already exists.

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