Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk spoke to Chicago residents about the city's gun violence epidemic and what can be done to curb it.

Approximately 70 people were wounded and 11 were killed in Chicago over the weekend, and more than 1,700 people have been shot in the city this year.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said at a news conference on Tuesday that following the increased violence, additional officers would be deployed to the West and South Sides, where most of the shootings occurred.

One woman told Kirk the violence can be attributed to a lack of family values and morals, while a man pointed to children being brought up "with nothing to do."

As for Mayor Rahm Emanuel -- who has been under fire for his handling of the crisis -- Chicagoans told Kirk "we want someone else."

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On "Fox & Friends," Kirk said the recurring theme when he spoke to Chicago residents was a "broken culture problem."

"We have a lack of father problem in the black community, especially in Chicago," Kirk said, noting that in the 1960s the single motherhood rate in the black community Chicago was approximately 18 percent, and that number is now over 75 percent.

"Think about that: In Chicago, only 25 percent of black youth will even have a father in the household," Kirk said.

He said that is a major factor in the seemingly endless cycle of gang violence and gun violence in the Windy City.

"And there's a lot of frustration amongst us Chicagoans about the lack of action from the mayor's office to address this problem correctly," Kirk said. "But the bottom line is [it's] a broken culture problem."

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