House Majority Whip Steve Scalise is facing new threats to his life a little more than one year after he was shot at a congressional baseball practice.

Police arrested 63-year-old Carlos Bayon, of Grand Island, New York, charging him with menacing the congressman with violent voicemails.

Scalise appeared on "The Ingraham Angle" Tuesday and said that there's no place for threats like the ones against him in politics.

"You can't allow this kind of threats and violence against people based on their political views," he said.

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Scalise expressed his profound thanks to the United States Capitol Police for their working in finding Bayon, who Scalise said had used aliases to hide his identity.

He added that some of the liberal rhetoric coming from the left is encouraging violence in many cases.

"Liberals need to call this out. They need to speak up," Scalise said. "There's no place for it on the Republican or Democrat side."

He also said that there seems to be a clear double standard when conservative voices get shut out of media, while groups like Antifa can continue to be vocal.

Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify all recently removed content by conservative voice Alex Jones from their platforms.

As Fox News reported:

Apple removed Jones’ podcasts on Sunday and then YouTube and Facebook both declared on Monday that he was violating their terms and policies with his rhetoric. Spotify also removed all episodes of “The Alex Jones Show” from its service.

He said he brought up a liberal bias on Facebook to Mark Zuckerberg when the tech giant's CEO testified before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

"We need to watch it closely," he said.

Watch more from "The Ingraham Angle" above.

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