Mark Steyn ripped two top Democrats who have been critical of the work of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Steyn aired a video from earlier in 2018 that showed Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney (D) dancing with an aide after a federal judge ruled in favor of the Pennsylvania city's sanctuary policy toward illegal immigrants.

"Here's what that song actually looks like in practice," Steyn said, showing a mugshot of Honduran national Juan Ramon Vasquez.

Philadelphia released Vasquez, disregarding an ICE detainer for the man, in 2015, a year after his arrest for aggravated assault.

Vasquez, who had been living in nearby Upper Darby, Pa., was later convicted of raping a child. He was arraigned this week on charges relating to illegal reentry to the United States.

Steyn also criticized New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has vocally opposed President Trump's immigration platform early and often.


Cuomo, who was born in Queens but whose grandfather Andrea Cuomo came from Italy, declared himself an "immigrant" last year and dared Trump to deport him.

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In an interview this week, Cuomo said that he "will do nothing cooperatively with ICE."

"If they do any criminal acts, which a police force can do, we will take criminal action against ICE," Cuomo said.

"So, for the chief executive of a major American state, declaring war on law enforcement agencies takes priority," Steyn said.

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