Many Democrats are hopeful that a "blue wave" in this November's midterm elections will carry them to a majority in the House and possibly the Senate.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh said Democrats are basing their hopes for a "blue wave" on one thing: Trump hatred.

"They're not basing it on people's desire for Democrat policies. Now, isn't that kind of flimsy? They think they live in a world where everybody now hates Trump It’s what they tell themselves. They live in a world where everybody now realizes the mistake they made voting for Trump," Limbaugh said.

He said the problem for Democrats is that the U.S. has experienced an "economic rebirth" under President Trump.

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"People who haven’t been working in 20 years finding jobs — after the Democrats and their president specifically said the jobs weren’t coming back," Limbaugh said. "We’re coming off eight years where the existing president, the administration was painting a bleak picture of America in decline: 'Best days behind us, some jobs just are not coming back, it’s just the new way of the world.'"

On "Fox & Friends," Brian Kilmeade echoed Limbaugh's point, noting that a growing number of Democrats support an extremely progressive, socialist agenda, which does not resonate with most Americans.

"When you run on, 'I want to be a socialist, I want to abolish ICE, I want to have open borders,' tell me where you're going to get one independent vote with that," Kilmeade said.

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