Donald Trump's legal team is putting the finishing touches on a response to the special counsel's letter proposing an interview with the president.

Fox News has learned that the letter would likely reject a meeting with Robert Mueller that would include “questions related to obstruction of justice."

However, President Trump is said to be willing to speak with Mueller despite his lawyer's opposition.

Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano touted Rudy Giuliani's experience on Tuesday, but suggested he hold a mock question-and-answer session with Trump.

Judge Nap: Trump Should Be Worried More for Don Jr. Than Himself in Russian Conspiracy Case

"You, Rudy Giuliani, play the role of interrogator," he said. "Let the president see how difficult it is, how it will tax his memory, how they will ask him questions he can't answer."

As Fox News reported, Giuliani said, “We have real reluctance about allowing any questions regarding obstruction of justice.”

Napolitano said Giuliani needs to do everything in his power to "dissuade" Trump from voluntarily going down a treacherous path.

"Why would you help prosecutors who are after you fill in the gaps?" he said.

He said that Mueller asking Trump for a sit-down does not go beyond the scope of his Russia probe, but he hopes Giuliani can persuade Trump to walk away from it.

Watch the segment from "America's Newsroom" above.

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