Greg Gutfeld said the rise in leftist mobs harassing people with whom they don't agree is becoming a "contagion" that depicts "what failure looks like."

Gutfeld pointed to the mob that confronted conservative activists Candace Owens and Charlie Kirk outside a Philadelphia eatery.

At one point, a protester threw a beverage on Kirk.

"Anarchists and socialists [are] ruining other people's lunch just to make them miserable," he said, calling the incidents "pure, unconscious brain function."

"This is what fascism looks like. People like this don't have jobs," he said.

Gutfeld said many of these collectives of left-wing actors are "unemployable yahoos [who] join a mob and demand people with jobs just give up."

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He added that the young woman made famous for taking a knee and screaming at the exact moment President Donald Trump was inaugurated was simply thinking what comedian Rosie O'Donnell has been saying.

Recently, O'Donnell joined a group of anti-Trump demonstrators who sang Broadway tunes in front of the White House in protest of the president.

O'Donnell told CNN host Chris Cuomo that she is "sickened by the Congress that doesn't call for articles of impeachment," and warned against allowing Republicans to "rig the election again" allegedly in 2020.

"Rosie seems like a perfect fit for The Resistance," Gutfeld remarked. "If Democrats don't make her their 2020 candidate, they're missing the boat."

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