The vice president of the National Border Patrol Council said Tuesday that critics of immigration law enforcement and construction of the border wall should consider whether their hatred for President Donald Trump is stronger than their love of country.

Art del Cueto told Maria Bartiromo on "Your World" that in areas where the border wall has been constructed or fencing has been improved, it has made it easier to prevent entry of illegal immigrants.

Del Cueto, who is from Douglas, Ariz. — about 100 miles southeast of Tucson — said that growing up in a border town, he knows firsthand the effectiveness of a physical barrier between the U.S. and Mexico.

He said that, outside of his current work, he has seen the "lawlessness that goes on without a proper border."

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"[A wall] helps the agents and helps the public," he said. "I don't understand what world these [critics] live in," he added.

Del Cueto said that there eventually will come a point in time where people who oppose enforcing immigration laws and wall construction will have to consider "whether their hatred toward the president is a lot bigger than their love for this country."

He said that the anti-enforcement rhetoric is being accentuated by "washed-up movie stars" who are "trashing" law enforcement and the president on Twitter.

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