Greg Gutfeld reacted to an apparent assassination attempt on Venezuelan's socialist president, Nicolas Maduro, in which drones packed with C4 explosives reportedly were flown toward him at a rally.

As reported:

Several dronelike devices armed with explosives reportedly detonated near Maduro during his appearance in the capital of Caracas, where he was giving a speech at a military event. Dramatic footage from the episode showed Maduro and those around him wincing as explosions sounded, sending soldiers nearby scattering -- but the drones themselves were not captured on film, and reports have since suggested the explosions may have come from another source.

The country is experiencing nearly 1,000,000 percent inflation, food shortages and violence in the streets.

"Venezuela is a socialist paradise that was once rich. Meaning, if you like Bernie [Sanders], this could be your future," Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld said someone should "page" New York democratic socialist congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and show her the "hyper-inflation [and] human rights violations" that have wrecked what was once the most prosperous country in South America.

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"[Venezuelans] traded it all in for a dime-store socialist," Gutfeld said. Maduro became president in 2013 after the death of his predecessor and fellow socialist Hugo Chavez, who was elected in 1999.

"You too could eat your own zoo animals [and] your currency could be worth less than toilet paper," Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld said socialism is "shoplifting, as a political theory" and that the political idea is "older than Bernie" and has never proved successful.

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