A mother from Virginia said that a New York Times opinion piece about children at President Trump rallies was insulting and over-exaggerated.

Damon Winter wrote that he was "heartbroken" to see children exposed to "anger" at Trump's rallies when he was both a candidate and president.

"How could any parent possibly support a president capable of this?" Winter wrote.

Suzanne Obetz attended then-candidate Trump's Leesburg, Virginia, rally in 2016 and said on "Fox & Friends" that it was important to bring her children.

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Obetz said that she wanted to let her children "decide for themselves what was really going on."

She called Winter's piece "over-exaggerated" and said that his views unfairly labeled Trump supporters.

"It's just another swipe at a large group of people who are just simply supporting our president," she said Monday. "To put us in a category, in a box like that, it's insulting."

She said she "can't wait" for the next Trump rally she brings her children to.

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