President Trump on Monday re-imposed some sanctions on Iran that had been suspended under former President Barack Obama's 2015 nuclear deal.

The sanctions target Iran's automotive sector as well as gold and other key metals. Renewed sanctions targeting Iran's oil industry and banking sector will resume on November 4.

This comes after Trump's decision in May to withdraw from the nuclear accord.

On "America's Newsroom," Mike Huckabee said the sanctions will have a dramatic and harsh effect on the already struggling Iranian economy.

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"The Iranian economy is so in the toilet. People are struggling, they're suffering. The Iranian government spends all of its money funding terror rather than roads and schools and even programs that help people to live and jobs," Huckabee said.

He said these sanctions are needed to put pressure on the Iranian regime, and he said it was a major blunder for the Obama administration to lift them in the first place.

"Nothing is gonna bring these villains and thugs to ... any type of responsible action other than getting them in a headlock and forcing it. These are not people that you reason with," Huckabee said. "Let's not pretend that we can sit down and make nice with them, because we can't."

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