Mark Steyn said much of the Democratic Party appears to be shedding a longtime facade of centrism and embracing "the romanticism of the far left."

Steyn said that during the Clinton years, many Democrats portrayed themselves in campaign ads as "pseudo-conservatives" to endear themselves to the centrist base of the party.

"Centrism got associated with the Clinton kleptocracy," he said. "They've had it with the whole Clinton thing of pretending to be [moderate]."

Brian Kilmeade noted several recent cases of Democrats embracing far-left ideals without apology.

He noted that Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz (D) tweeted that he supports a recent New York Times editorial hire who has made many anti-white and anti-police statements.

Schatz, who is white, said "I'm with Sarah Jeong. Enjoy your weekend."

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Kilmeade also played tape of Arizona gubernatorial candidate David Garcia, who asked the audience to "imagine" a Mexican border without a wall.

Steyn said that "genuinely" far-left countries, however, "pay for their socialism."

When it comes to unfettered immigration and unlimited social programs, Steyn said such "fantasy socialism" believes that "none of these trillion dollar sums means anything."

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