Steve Hilton said Sunday that Google is helping its number one enemy, and floating away in a "giant balloon of arrogance, untethered to any notions of loyalty or ethics."

The search giant is reportedly working with the Chinese government to develop a search engine that implements the regime's censorship of information that it doesn't like.

Hilton said the move is part of Google's effort to get back into China after it pulled out in 2010 in protest of the Chinese government's hacking of Gmail.

"This is not just wrong. It's shameful," he said.

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Hilton added that Google isn't just useful, but also dangerous now that it has become so huge.

"It is a leading force for elitism and globalism," he said.

Hilton said that it's the essence of globalism that businesses have no loyalty to their home countries.

"Google wouldn't exist if it weren't for American taxpayers," he said.

He noted as well that Google pulled out of helping the United States' defense department with artificial intelligence, but that the company has built an AI center in Beijing.

Hilton directly addressed Google's CEO, Sundar Pichai, and said that if his company does in fact aid China, it would show the world it no longer believes in its mission of making more information available to people.

"It will confirm that Google is driven by one thing, maximizing GCP: Greed, control [and] power."

He concluded by imploring Pichai to abide by his company's unofficial motto: "Don't be evil."

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