Rick Harrison, of the hit reality TV show "Pawn Stars," sat down with Mark Levin for a discussion on capitalism.

Harrison said that the economic system is "survival of the fittest" and that everyone involved in it ultimately has a better life because of it.

He gave Levin an example of its success through the watch-making business in the 1850s.

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Harrison said that in 1850, the majority of the world's pocket watches were made in London.

Around that same time, he said, precision machine tools needed to craft those watches became less expensive, resulting in smaller watch companies emerging in the United States.

"By 1890, the best watches in the world, hands down, were American watches. ... That's because in London, it took 17 different unions to make a watch. Massive bureaucracy."

Harrison said that example is just one of a million more about how capitalism yields success.

"Socialism doesn't work," he said. "Big government doesn't work."

Watch the discussion above and be sure to tune in to the full episode of "Life, Liberty & Levin" Sunday at 10:00pm ET on Fox News.

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