A Democratic congressman has a dire warning to Republicans about the actions of President Trump ahead of the midterm elections.

California Rep. Eric Swalwell said Saturday on MSNBC that the GOP will "pay a price" in November if they don't stand up to Trump.

Swalwell called the president a "wrecking ball" and that Americans must "push that big red button" to stop him. 

"What is the president doing to the rule of law and to our democracy," he said. "And who is willing to stand up to him, as he is a wrecking ball?"

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Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said Sunday that Swalwell's commentary is a poor strategy to attack the president.

"I do agree with [Swalwell]. [Trump] is a wrecking ball and he's wrecking the Democratic Party," he said on "Fox & Friends."

Scaramucci said that it's Trump's rhetoric that has Democrats saying he's "tearing down" democracy.

"They don't like his aggressive rhetoric. I don't think they like his combative style when they're criticizing him. ... It's his decorum."

Trump -- at a rally Saturday night in Ohio -- said that he predicted a "red wave" come November.

"It's definitely not a 'blue wave,'" Scaramucci said. "If [Republicans] keep the House, that would be a monumental thing against history."

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