A pastor who met with President Trump on Wednesday said that the criticism following the meeting is a "sad commentary" for the country.

Pastor Van Moody was among numerous other inner-city faith leaders who met with the president to discuss the importance of church in prison reform and building community.

In a Fox News op-ed, Moody wrote that his and other faith leaders' remarks were intensely scrutinized and that their words were taken out of context.

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Moody, of The Worship Center Christian Church in Birmingham, Alabama wrote that the reaction "shows the vitriol and contempt that is present even when President Trump’s efforts are positive."

He added Saturday on "Fox & Friends" that he went to Washington to "find commonality for the common good."

"My statements about [Trump] caring for all people ... was not a blanket endorsement," Moody said.

He told Pete Hegseth that Trump's proposed prison reform bill has bipartisan support and is "a step in the right direction."

The reaction to the roundtable meeting shows how the country's cultural climate "has descended to a very, very petty and low place."

"It's not enough for us to back away from the table and point the finger and hurl insults. We have got to come up with solutions."

Watch the segment above.

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