President Trump continued to threaten a government shutdown if his planned border wall is not funded by Congress, joking about a new way to ensure the barrier is finally built. 

He told a crowd in Pennsylvania Thursday night that Democrats oppose any policy he supports. 

"Anything I want, they want to oppose. I just figured out how to do the wall: I'll say I don't want to build the wall and they'll insist on building it. I just figured that out right now," he said to laughs from the crowd. 

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Trump said either the wall is being funded or "we're closing down government."

"We need border security," he told the audience.

Responding on "America's Newsroom," White House director of strategic communications Mercedes Schlapp said there is a "crisis on the border" and that Democrats now favor open borders and abolishing ICE. 

She said in order to get something passed through the Senate to address the problem, 60 votes are required, so Democrats would have to be brought on-board. 

Schlapp said Trump intends to work with Democrats, hoping they will stop their "pure obstruction" strategy to avert a government shutdown. 

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