Fox News political analyst Chris Stirewalt said Friday the televised White House press briefings have become "useless" and should be discontinued. 

"It is counterproductive. It has turned into showboat theater," he said on "Outnumbered," adding substantive issues are not addressed in the forums, which occurred only three times in July. 

Additionally, he said reporters should stop traveling to President Trump's rallies, where they end up "penned up in the back, like veal for the president to use as a prop."

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Stirewalt then said some reporters "exploit" the confrontations with Trump and his supporters for their own personal benefit.

"This is not helping anybody. Leave the cameras, get the reporters out of the hall," he suggested.

The battle continued this week between the White House and CNN's Jim Acosta, who was harassed and heckled by Trump supporters at a rally Tuesday. 

He asked Press Secretary Sarah Sanders on Thursday if she would declare that the media are not the "enemy of the people," as President Trump has called them in the past. Sanders refused, arguing the media "resorts to personal attacks," including against her. 

Fox Business Network's Trish Regan said Acosta and other reporters do not deserve to be heckled or harassed. But she believes Americans watch CNN and MSNBC and see a "very extreme bias."

"The problem ... is they're trying to present this as straight, unbiased news. That's not fair. At least call it what it is," she said. 

Lisa Boothe said she believes Trump goes "too far" with his media criticism at times, but that there is "culpability" on the behalf of the media when it comes to slanted coverage. 

Watch the full discussion above. 

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