PragerU's Will Witt asked people in San Francisco about the new city policy allowing illegal immigrants to vote for school board elections.

"Do you think that people who aren't citizens of this country should be allowed to vote?" Witt asked a man on the street.

A young woman appeared confused by the question, but ultimately said yes. 

"I don't know to exact the topic (sic) but I do feel everyone has a right to vote," she said.

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Witt asked another woman about the new ordinance, as well as whether illegals should be able to vote despite not being subject to all classifications of taxation.

The woman said she hasn't paid taxes since 2014 and still votes, adding that she agrees with the law. A young man declined to answer the question. 

"I think they're completely misinformed," Witt said on "Fox & Friends" Friday. "It's still unconstitutional to have illegals vote in this country."

He said he was not surprised at the responses due to other conversations he has had with Californians. 

"The mainstream media has totally blown these people's minds," said Witt.

Last month, the city of San Francisco began allowing non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, to register to vote in the November election for the city school board.

A similar initiative of giving limited voting rights has also reportedly been approved in Chicago and multiple cities in Maryland and Massachusetts.

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