FBI Agent Peter Strzok, formerly a senior counterintelligence official at the bureau, sent another top official a request to keep his investigatory powers as he transitioned to his role in the Mueller probe of President Donald Trump.

As deputy assistant director for counterintelligence, Strzok had the power to declassify documents and execute other authorities average prosecutors do not have, Tom Fitton said on Fox & Friends.

Strzok wrote an email to Assistant Director for Counterintelligence Bill Priestap asking to keep those powers.

Fitton called it a "rather extraordinary request."

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"I'm just shocked because this was a classified investigation, in theory he was working on, and someone like Peter Strzok who had this anti-Trump hatred, you have to wonder if he wanted it for good reasons...or for something nefarious," he said.

Fitton said Robert Mueller should be questioned as to what Strzok's now-former role specifically was in the Trump probe.

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