Eric Trump asked Sean Hannity Thursday why there is no outrage from the media over threats to him and his family members. 

"I've been threatened. We've all had white powder show up at our house. ... There's no moral outrage about that," he said.

Trump said the media show no outrage when conservatives, like Ben Shapiro, face protests when they attempt to speak on college campuses.

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"Let the man have freedom of speech, let him speak to people who want to listen to him. But when it happens to them, when they're offended by a message, all of a sudden" there's an outcry, he said. 

Trump said the media fails to call out threats and insults toward him and his family, including his younger brother Barron.

Just this week, a House candidate from Oregon - who describes himself as an "independent conservative" - called the first lady a "hoebag."

"You know how much that was reported? ... One of the most disgusting comments [toward Melania Trump]. You know what they said about that? Nothing," said Trump.

Hannity wondered about the impact on 12-year-old Barron when he sees Kathy Griffin holding up a prop to mimic the severed head of President Trump. 

Trump said it's "incredible" that the outcry over Trump supporters chanting "CNN sucks" is so much larger than the media's outcry over Griffin's stunt and other extreme rhetoric from the left. 

Watch the interview above.

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