The president of the National ICE Council said that Antifa and other "violent" militant groups took part in the 10-day occupation of Portland, Oregon's ICE building.

Chris Crane said that the protest, driven by opposition to President Trump's immigration policies, was "an absolute siege."

As Fox News reported, protesters shut down the building in June, and the occupation involved several hundred protesters at its peak.

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Chris Crane, the union president, said Wednesday that the protesters blocked the entrances and exits to the building.

"Our folks were trapped in that building," he said, telling Trish Regan that the media has failed to provide the full picture of what happened.

Crane said Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) is trying to make the case that protection wasn't needed for ICE employees when the protest occurred.

"I think it's a lot of political spin coming from Mayor Wheeler right now," Crane said.

He said that employees were followed after they left the building and that they were also threatened by the protesters.

"Violent, militant groups out there coming against our employees, and the mayor refused to provide them protection. Absolutely unacceptable."

Wheeler has denied the National ICE Council's claim that employees were not protected, calling it "inaccurate and inflammatory."

On "The Ingraham Angle" Wednesday, former Acting ICE Director Tom Homan said that protesters even replaced the American flag on the premises with an pro-refugee flag.

"The patriots at ICE ... the first thing they did was raise the American flag back up," Homan said.

"The entire thing is kind of nonsensical," Crane said Wednesday.

Watch the segment above.

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