The new acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement reacted to a promise by the Democratic candidate for New York State attorney general to "prosecute ICE for their criminal acts."

Candidate Zephyr Rain Teachout, a law professor at Fordham University in New York City, said on a video this week that she will "prosecute ICE" and said the agency was "born into xenophobia in the time after 9/11" and has "grown up to become a tool of fear and illegality."

Teachout, who faces three other Democrats in her primary bid to challenge Republican Manhattan law firm executive Keith Wofford in the 2018 race, said the idea of describing ICE as law enforcement is a "real offense to the idea of law itself."

Ronald Vitiello said Teachout's comments are "sad" and that the "men and women of ICE... go out to protect communities" every day.

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He said that if Teachout is concerned about ICE's actions, she should lobby Congress to change the laws that ICE is tasked with enforcing.

Brian Kilmeade said it is ridiculous that Teachout would threaten to "prosecute" a law enforcement agency on behalf of the State of New York.

"To my understanding, they're just following the law," Steve Doocy added.

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