Democrats have become the "defenders of lawlessness" when it comes to illegal immigration and border security, Laura Ingraham said Wednesday. 

In her Angle commentary, she highlighted new comments on Fox News Channel from the National ICE Council. 

Union official Chris Crane explained that "violent, militant" protesters, including from Antifa, shut down an ICE building for 10 days in Portland, Oregon.

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"This was an absolute siege," he explained, adding that employees were followed by protesters and threatened.

Ingraham said Americans need to take a closer look at the extremists who are protesting ICE facilities and calling for the agency to be shuttered.

"This is totally out of control and it's backfiring big time on the Democrats," she said, noting a recent poll showing immigration is top of mind for voters in the midterm elections. 

She said Democrats are barely even talking anymore about border security and preventing illegal immigration, as Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton and other prominent Democrats did in the past. 

In 2014, Obama cautioned asylum-seekers not to send their children to the Mexican border, warning if they reach the border "they will get sent back [and] they may not make it."

"It's really sad to see what's happened to the party of FDR and John F. Kennedy. ... They used to believe America was worth defending. Her laws, the Constitution, the Declaration, her borders, her history," Ingraham concluded.

Watch the full commentary above and reaction from former ICE Director Tom Homan below. 

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