Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova blasted Robert Mueller's top prosecutor for using fear-based tactics to "coerce" Paul Manafort into testifying negatively about President Donald Trump.

Manafort is facing up to 305 years on various tax evasion-related charges.

DiGenova, formerly of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, said that prosecutor Andrew Weissmann is "us[ing] terror tactics to coerce him."

DiGenova said Weissmann is Mueller's own "Jack the Ripper-like leader, and that the controversial prosecutor is using tactics that are normally reserved for the mafia and terrorists.

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Weissmann has garnered criticism over a high-profile white-collar case that was overturned 9-0 by the Supreme Court in 2005.

"[Weissmann and Mueller] turned Manafort into this ugly creature," diGenova said, adding that although Manafort has been a controversial lobbyist in the past, he does not deserve the treatment he is receiving in the Alexandria, Va. courtroom.

DiGenova said the DOJ's ultimate goal is to "get something on President Trump."

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