Vice President Mike Pence said that the ceremony for the returned remains of 55 American soldiers from the Korean War was "deeply moving."

Pence told "Fox & Friends" co-host Pete Hegseth that he was very humbled to attend the ceremony in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The return of the remains was agreed upon between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un during their meeting in June.

"I spoke to the president shortly after the ceremony, and I told him I'm not sure he's given me a greater honor," Pence said.

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Pence also praised Trump for having the nation's fallen war heroes "on his heart" during his summit with Kim, which was focused on denuclearization of the Korea Peninsula.

"[Trump] secured not just a promise to create a pathway for denuclearization and peace, but he also secured a promise to bring our boys home."

He told Hegseth that the return "is what great nations do" and stressed how proud he was to, in fact, be an American.

Pence added that the president's time in office so far has been one of "promises made, promises kept."

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