Tucker Carlson slammed the ongoing trial of former Trump campaign chairman and longtime lobbyist Paul Manafort.

Manafort has been charged with tax evasion and filing false loan documents. The trial started Tuesday in Alexandria, Va.

Carlson said the average sentence for tax fraud is about one year in prison, yet Manafort is facing up to 305 years.

He said that if convicted on all counts, Manafort -- who is 69 -- will likely die in prison: "The left thinks that's just fine -- Manafort ran Donald Trump's presidential campaign [and] they believe he deserves to die for that."

Carlson said Trump accurately compared Manafort's trial to that of 20th Century mobster Al Capone, who served 8 years of an 11-year sentence in connection with several murders.


"The plan for Paul Manafort is to ensure that he dies behind bars. Mueller's lead prosecutor in this case, Andrew Weissmann, is working hard to make sure that happens," Tucker Carlson said.

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He said Weissmann was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton and was also in attendance at what was supposed to be her election night victory party at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Carlson said that since he was "hoping to celebrate Hillary's victory," the next best thing for Weissmann to do is to "avenge Hillary's defeat."

Weissmann previously prosecuted several high-profile federal cases, including one against the Arthur Andersen accounting firm that was overturned by the Supreme Court 9-0.

"Justice is supposed to be evenly applied. Then came the resistance and everything changed," he said.

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