Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) may have a close reelection race on his hands, Dana Perino reported Wednesday on "The Daily Briefing."

A Texas Lyceum Group poll of more than 800 registered voters in the Lone Star State shows Cruz only two points ahead of El Paso Democratic Rep. Robert "Beto" O'Rourke -- 36 percent to 34 percent.

Cruz is a routine supporter of President Donald Trump, while O'Rourke has made calls for the president to be impeached as fallout from the July summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

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Perino said a poll conducted by Connecticut's Quinnipiac University shows Cruz up on O'Rourke by 49 to 43 percent.

The last Democrat to be elected to the Senate from Texas was Sen. Lloyd Bentsen, known nationally as former Gov. Michael Dukakis' (D-Mass.) 1988 running mate.

Democratic strategist Dave Brown said O'Rourke's challenge to Cruz is "striking," since Cruz has actually challenged O'Rourke to a series of debates.

Brown said Cruz has a "sense of weakness of his position." 

Right-leaning public affairs official Colin Reed dismissed concern over Cruz's close polling numbers, saying Texas is "fool's gold" for Democrats every term.

O'Rourke's platform includes liberal stances on immigration reform and health care policy.

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