Laura Ingraham proposed four key things for Republicans to focus on in order to win the upcoming midterm elections.

In her "Angle" commentary Tuesday night, she said that the GOP should be relentless in publicly touting President Trump's economic success.

"The president promised you peace and prosperity, and that's what he delivered," she said.

According to estimates by the U.S Department of Commerce, the country's economy increased by 4.1 percent in the second quarter of this year.

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Ingraham added that Democrats have no answers to Trump's success, so they continue to talk about Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen or Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

"They have no alternative except to go to these tangential, unimportant issues."

Ingraham's said Republicans must also educate voters on what Democrats have become.

"The Democrats, lets face it, have gone totally nuts," she said, referencing their calls to abolish ICE and a desire for sanctuary cities.

Democrats threaten individual liberty, Ingraham said, and added that they're intolerant of any view but their own.

Ingraham said her third recommendation is to argue that life under a Democratic umbrella would re-litigate the 2016 election.

The fourth way to win in the midterms, she said, is to have fun on the campaign trail.

"It is a great time to be an American. ... These are the good 'ole days."

She added that what could really put Democrats on the defensive would be to push for a middle-class tax cut before the midterms.

Shutting down the government -- something Trump alluded to over the weekend -- would be a risky political strategy to have Congress fund the wall, she concluded.

"With suburban women, with the independent voters ... that's not really where they are."

She said that independent voters want to see a "happy warrior" president, and that by shutting down the government strategically, it would cause chaos.

"Results matter. Making their lives better matters."

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