Greg Gutfeld and the panel on "The Five" reacted to Tuesday's airing of the show, wherein host Dana Perino uncharacteristically swore on air.

During "One More Thing," Perino was taken aback by video of a man carrying a small alligator around a mini mart and scaring customers with it.

"Oh my gosh, what an a--hole," Perino said.

Gutfeld said Wednesday is "Day 1 since 'hole-gate'," and that the "world has gotten more coarse" in recent days.

He said that some blame President Trump, others blame rap music, but joked that Perino is now on that list.

"As a cohost of one of the top family-oriented programs, I'm appalled," Gutfeld said in jest.

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"I thought I had a good tagline with 'I'm Watters -- And this is my world," Jesse Watters joked.

Watters handed Perino a bar of soap, telling her it was from her mother, Jan.

Jan Perino then called-in to "The Five" to react in good fun to her daughter's blooper.

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