Tucker Carlson and National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd discussed how the mayor of Portland, Ore. demanded his police stand down in regards to a large number of protesters camped out at the local Immigration and Customs Enforcement office.

Carlson showed pictures of the scene after the protesters finally disbanded, which revealed mountains of trash and gear left by the demonstrators.

Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) said he "stand[s] with those who are opposed to the forced separation of children from their parents."

"I've consistently stated that I do not want the Portland Police Bureau engaged in securing federal property that houses a federal agency with its own police force," Wheeler said.

Judd said he strongly disagreed with Wheeler, adding that though ICE is a police force, it is the city police that is tasked with keeping order in the municipality.

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"That is the wrong message to send," Judd said. "There's supposed to be a separation between law enforcement agencies."

Carlson said the mayor's statement meant that American citizens (ICE employees and others on-scene) who called 911 would have their equal protection rights violated by the mayor because he disagreed with their politics.

"That's the beginning of the end if we allow that," Carlson said. "Why aren't they being arrested -- where is the [Federal] Civil Rights Division on that?"

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