Tucker Carlson asked Fox Business host Lou Dobbs about why the Republican leadership appear to be unconcerned with fulfilling President Trump's campaign promises, specifically the border wall. 

Carlson said that Trump's top campaign priority that allowed him to defeat 16 Republicans and Hillary Clinton was the promise to "build that wall" on the southern border and strengthen immigration policies.

Dobbs blasted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell after the Kentucky Republican spoke "dismissively" about the urgency to build the wall.

In a Louisville radio interview, McConnell said the funding for the wall would "probably" not happen before the midterm elections. 

"It is so obvious, and corrosive. There are so many sellouts," Dobbs said of McConnell's party. "They're [leading Congress] rather snootily, [with a] dismissive superiority."

Dobbs said that McConnell's message to the American people is that, in spite of Trump's promises, the GOP will "do exactly" what billionaire donors Charles and David Koch want. 

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Carlson asked why voters would even consider voting for Republicans, aside from opposing the Democrats' far-left agenda.

"The second [the GOP] gets crushed, they're going to blame Trump," he said of the 2018 election outlook.

"That's the game," Dobbs said. "There's not a party worthy of their support -- but there is a president that is."

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