In her "Angle" commentary, Laura Ingraham slammed Koch Industries brass over their opposition to President Trump's policies.

The powerful corporation, which has long been a major backer of Republican candidates, hosted the Rocky Mountain event for donors and political leaders.

In advance of the retreat, 82-year-old CEO Charles Koch released a video in which he claimed there has been a rise in protectionism.

"When people act in protectionist ways, the erect barriers which makes everyone worse off," he said.

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According to the Associated Press, the corporation's leaders oppose President Trump policies. The Koch brothers did not endorse Trump in 2016 as well.

One Koch official reportedly said that Trump's trade and immigration decisions are "causing long-term damage."

Early Tuesday morning, President Trump ripped Charles Koch and his ailing brother, David, calling them "a total joke."

Ingraham praised the Koch brothers for their efforts in tax reform and investments in education, but questioned how effective they'd be if the American economy was inferior to China.

"We can't just look the other way while China -- and a lot of other countries by the way -- game the global trading system and rack up huge trade surpluses."

Ingraham added that those at the helm of the Koch network are "furious" with the president's tariff use.

Last month, the company announced a campaign to oppose Trump's trade policies.

Additionally, the Kochs announced that they wouldn't support North Dakota Senate candidate Kevin Cramer (R), who supports Trump on trade and immigration.

"When a president comes along who is actually embracing a new path, something different on behalf of the American people ... the Kochs and the globalists just have their blinders on," Ingraham said.

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