Tucker Carlson said the Democratic Party has changed drastically within the last two years, as it transitions to the party of "Say no to Trump" from one once "synonymous" with the working class.

Carlson blamed "Trump Derangement Syndrome" for the change to the party once identified with economic populists such as John F. Kennedy and wartime leaders like Franklin Roosevelt.

He said the "syndrome" "renders political parties unrecognizable."

"They were the party that fought McCarthyism. Now it's the party that engages in McCarthyism," he said, pointing to claims from Democratic bureaucrats like former CIA Director John Brennan who claim Trump committed "treason."

Carlson pointed to calls to action by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) against Trump officials, and protests that included forcing DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to cut her dinner short at a restaurant in Washington and a man arrested for destroying President Trump's Hollywood star with a pickaxe.

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"This is all rage-by-proxy," Carlson said. "They'd like to hurt Trump himself but he's not around."

He said Democrats used to accuse the wealthy of not paying taxes.

But, Carlson added that now that the Trump tax cut law "rolled back the amount and state and local taxes rich people can deduct," high-tax liberal states like "New York and New Jersey are suing the Trump administration to get the rich their tax deductions back."

Carlson said the left used to worry about "unchecked power" yet now applauds bureaucrats for "spying on Trump associates."

"That party is dead, replaced by a new one whose entire platform is 'say no to Trump.' This isn't politics, it's the world's dumbest religion," Carlson said.

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