When it comes to representing America's team, Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott scores a major touchdown. How ’bout them Cowboys?!

It's time for Final Thoughts.

The NFL and its players association have issued a joint statement saying that "no new rules" related to anthem protests would be enforced while the two sides try to find "a solution" on the issue.

But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn't playing those games.

In fact, last week Jones made it very clear his team's players will be required to stand on the field for the anthem before games this season.

That's when quarterback Dak Prescott weighed in on the controversy saying, "I never protest during the anthem, and I don't think that's the time or the venue to do so. The game of football has always brought me such peace, and I think it does the same for a lot of people..."

He added, "...When you bring such a controversy to the stadium, to the field, to the game, it takes away. It takes away from that, it takes away from the joy and the love that football brings a lot of people.

Well Amen to that! Finally, someone gets it!

It didn't take long for the hip-hop community to shred Dak for his statement.

Rapper The Game took to Instagram, using racial invective to viciously suggest Dak is now a Trump supporter.

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The posting is so offensive, we cannot even show it.

Bet.com took it a step further, writing:

"Well, looks like Dak Prescott is deep in the sunken place. Say hello to Stacey Dash for us, Dak."

And let's not forget the droves of Twitter idiots who wasted no time calling Dak an "Uncle Tom" and worse.

Dak Prescott doesn't believe in disrespecting the flag, the anthem, our veterans, or our United States military and that makes him a traitor to his race? Are people serious? How absolutely disgusting.

Maybe Dak just understands that flag and anthem mean more than a cloth or a song.

Patriotic Americans are sick and tired of athletes turning the game of football into a political temper tantrum. The national anthem is less than 2 minutes long, and that means these social justice warriors have approximately 23 hours and 58 minutes left in the day to bring awareness to whatever societal oppression they feel.

Dak didn't deny or invalidate the movement or the cause, he simply said the football field isn't the time or place.

Why is Dak's position ridiculed and Kaepernick's applauded? Is Dak not allowed to think for himself? Why do some assume Dak is a puppet and Kaepernick is a martyr?

Dak, you're a leader, a role model and I'm even more proud to be a Cowboys fan.

Those are my Final Thoughts. From LA, God Bless and take care.

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