A Tennessee Democratic congressman and frequent Trump critic said Monday that he believes Donald Trump Jr. and presidential adviser Jared Kushner will be indicted in Robert Mueller's special counsel probe.

Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis made the remarks on CNN, after President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani told Fox News the president did not collude with the Russians and even if he did so, it wouldn't be a crime.

"They're getting closer to knowing that the truth is going to come out, and there was (sic) activities with the Trump campaign and Russia," Cohen said.

Giuliani later told Fox News he was not trying to change the narrative, saying: "When I said today that there was no collusion and that collusion also is no crime, I've been saying that from the very beginning."

Cohen alleged there was some process wherein the "hacks" carried out by the Russians "were guided to the states" where they came from.

"Some were Jared Kushner's responsibilities, some were Donald Junior's," he said. "I think you're going to see indictments of most of these people."

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CNN's Wolf Blitzer appeared to wince at the allegation against the two men, pressing Cohen to reiterate whether he indeed thought Kushner and the younger Trump are in legal jeopardy.

"I think the president is going to go totally off his rocker, not that he's on it now," Cohen said of what would happen if the two were indicted.

Cohen said the alleged crime would likely be something to the effect of "conspiracy to affect the elections."

Blitzer told Cohen he was making a "very serious charge." 

"Time will show whether I'm correct or not," Cohen responded.

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