The mayor of Philadelphia who famously danced in celebration over a court ruling in favor of his sanctuary city policies tripled down Saturday on his opposition to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Mayor James Kenney (D) was taped dancing with his chief of staff after a judge ruled that President Trump couldn't cut off grants to Philadelphia over the way it handled illegal immigrants.

It was announced Friday that the city will end its information-sharing contract with ICE, and Kenney said Saturday that if he could, he'd abolish ICE.

"If I could abolish ICE, I would. But we can abolish this contract, and we are," Kenney said.

'A Sanctuary City': Philadelphia Mayor Dances to Celebrate Court Win Against Trump

Kenney joins a list of other left-wing politicians who have publicly stated ICE should be abolished, like New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon and congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Republican State Rep. Martina White said Monday on "Fox & Friends" it was "truly shocking" that Kenney would end a contract intended to keep the city safe.

She said immigration officials were using the information-sharing system to find out about people who had previously been arrested.

However, Kenney had said the database was being used to arrest people only on the basis of being in the country illegally, and not any other crimes.

ICE issued a statement on Philadelphia's decision to end the contract, saying that it's "deeply disappointed."

"Despite these attempts to obstruct ICE's lawful efforts to apprehend criminal aliens, the agency remains committed to its efforts to uphold public safety in the City of Philadelphia."

White, who in 2015 became the first Republican in 25 years to win a statehouse seat in the Philadelphia area, said that safety is a top priority within her state and the country.

"I think that safety is a top priority of any government official to make sure that the people and the law enforcement officers that are out there doing this job each and every day have the resources that they need in order to keep our communities safe."

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