Attorney Michael Avenatti slammed Rudy Giuliani on Twitter, hinting that he knows of further "hush payments" made by President Trump. 

Avenatti, who represents porn star Stormy Daniels, tweeted the question to Trump's attorney on Sunday and Monday.

Giuliani drew Avenatti's ire with a claim that Michael Cohen's attorney is reportedly "Getting ready to leak more... surreptitiously recorded tapes."

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Giuliani said that lawyer Lanny Davis -- who also represented the Clintons during the Whitewater and Lewinsky scandals -- is "destroying Cohen's credibility and his usefulness as a witness and career as a lawyer."

Avenatti tweeted back at Giuliani, saying that he looks "desperate" and telling him "you better buckle up, buttercup, because Mr. Trump's stupidity and disloyalty is about to catch up with him and you."

Last week, a recording emerged of Cohen and Trump in New York apparently discussing how to bury a story about Trump's alleged affair with a Playboy model in 2016. The tape was aired by CNN's Chris Cuomo, brother of the state's governor Andrew Cuomo (D), and Davis went on the show to discuss it. 

Earlier Friday on "Outnumbered," Giuliani called Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen a “scoundrel,” accusing him of deceptively recording meetings after assuring those involved that he was not doing so.

Giuliani said there are about a dozen recordings “of substance” made by Cohen. He said about ten of them feature Cohen and reporters, while another one is a tape of Trump, Cohen and Chris Cuomo.

Last week, Tucker Carlson invited Avenatti to have an on-air discussion about the Cohen case and his own representation of Daniels, but the attorney declined.

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